International Integrated Design Camp 2018

Commissioned by KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion), I organized and chaired International Integrated Design Camp 2018 (IIDC 2018) in Korea. The camp invited 60 students and tutors from 10 countries including Korea and was held from June 27 through 30, 2018. The theme was A Better Future By Design + Emerging Technology, which is to address UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by encouraging students from design and engineering to collaborate in a short yet intensive workshop.

The camp commenced with my keynote titled Makers of the Future to urge students to have a bigger vision and to prime them for the workshop. Students worked in teams of students from diverse major, gender, country of origin and specialty led by 12 tutors, who are design professionals and professors.

KIDP-IIDC 2018 Day 3 - 180 tutors on stage b.jpg
Tutors, coaches, and organizers


KIDP-IIDC 2018 Day 3 - 194 group cropped.jpg

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