2015-06-26 11.09.32The Modus Design offers lectures, seminars, and workshops for professional designers, design students, and corporations. The lectures and workshops cover a wide range of topics. We also develop design education content tailor-made to the needs. Below are the lists of current topics.


Lectures and seminars are typically for about an hour or longer. It can be longer if translation is needed. Workshop lectures can be given as stand-alone lectures.

 Let's Talk About... Designers P1130862
Let’s Talk About Designers
There are lots of dialogue about what are good designs and how to make them. But not often we talk about what are good designers and how they are “made.” This lecture describes designers in a unique way that allows the audience to think about becoming one. The lecture was delivered as a keynote at IDSA Education Symposium in 2014 and given at a number of universities globally.
Highly recommended for young designers and design students.

Designers-The Good, The Bad IMG_3533b.jpg
Designs and Designers: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
This lecture explains what makes good designs, bad designs, and ugly designs. Examples are given to help clarify understanding. The audience will determine how to develop themselves to be better designers. The lecture was first given at Tsinghua University in Beijing and then a few other universities.
Recommended for designers as well as non-designers involved in innovative product development.

 Design as twitter
Design is, regardless of the discipline, is communication. Unfortunately, many designers tend to unnecessarily make designs complex, which often makes the “communication” wordy, chatty, babbling, and unclear. The lecture will guide the audience on how to give the only necessities to make the message bolder and clearer so that the real design becomes visible.
Recommended for designers as well as design students at any level

Making Things Happen DSC_6017.JPG
Lots of today’s designers are distracted by technology and commercial success. This lecture defines designing as making things happen and presents the three most important matters for designers. The topic was given as a keynote at Design In Complexity conference at Tongji University in 2016.
Recommended for designers as well as design students at any level

The Biggest Design Project - Yourself.001
This lecture is aimed at young designers and design students to learn how good designs are made and how to “design” themselves to be good designers.
Recommended for designers as well as design students at any level

God the best designer Jesus the best design educator
We need to learn from the best. God is the first and the best designer. His creation is so rationale, seamless, systematic, beautiful, and sustainable.
Jesus is the best and the most influential design teacher. His teaching was so powerful yet easy to learn, even for the children. The lecture will guide the audiences to learn from them to be better designers and educators.
Recommended for designers as well as design students at any level

Inclusive Design - Enabler of Innovation
Inclusive design helps to create designs that work for all. This is mostly coming from solving the obstacles to usability and accessibility. Active application of inclusive design can help to create innovative designs by encouraging designers and businesses to discover unseen needs. This presentation was originally given at the INCLUDE conference 2009 at the Royal College of Art in London.
Recommended for designers and design managers as well as design students at any level

Better team management
Designers do not and should not work in a vacuum. Leading a team or working in a team is challenging in many cases. This lecture will help designers learn to be better leaders and team members to enjoy working in teams with better results.
Recommended for designers and design managers as well as design students at any level

14.04.17 Substance - New Luxury copy.001
This lecture was given at the Interior Motives Conference during Beijing Auto Show 2014.  The lecture revisits the real meaning of luxury design at the philosophical level and explains how to apply it to the real design process.
Recommended for professional designers

14.10.31 Finding New Mobility Opportunities.001
The topic focuses on discovering new opportunities in transportation and mobility design. The lecture gives designers in the field a moment of pause to re-envision the seed for new mobility designs.
The lecture was given as a keynote at the China Anting Automotive Design Conference in 2014 and Toyota Design Center in 2018.
Recommended for professional designers especially in the field of automotive, transportation, and mobility design

Design x China for Golden Frog
Chinese design has been becoming influential as more products are designed by Chinese designers. The lecture introduces the three most important – and often ignored – aspects of design in order to encourage Chinese designers and corporations to create meaningful designs.
Recommended for Chinese designers, design students at any level, as well as design administrators


Workshops are given in any lengths – a day, few days, or a week.
Lectures for the workshops can be given as a standalone lecture seminar

Core-Shift Innovation _DSC6473
Core-Shift Design Innovation
This topic introduces and teaches the proprietary Core-Shift Design Innovation method. The method helps designers and non-designers to discover the opportunities for breakthrough innovations. The attendees will learn and comprehend the method by applying it in example design projects. This workshop has been given at the Professional Design Camp since 2013.
Suitable for designers as well as non-designers involved in innovative product development. It can be given as a lecture, if necessary.

Inspiration-Driven Design 2017-10-13 08.39.45 IMG_0232b
Inspiration-Driven Design Process
Designers need relevant inspirations in order to create inspiring designs. This workshop helps designers learn what constitutes great inspirations, find them, and interpret the inspirations to develop inspiring designs derived from them. The workshop was first offered at the Beijing Institute of Technology and later in Hangzhou.
Suitable for designers as well as students.

Forced creativity
Forced Creativity
The workshop participants learn and exercise various forced creativity methods, which help boost the ideation process and generate ideas more meaningful to the original design concept and criteria.
Recommended for designers as well as design students at any level


“As a company’s decision-maker, I needed to learn a better thinking method to manage the company, projects, and my life. The Core-Shift Design Innovation method that I learned at the Professional Design Camp is definitely a new way. I believe that this method will help us get more ideas, explore new possibilities, and find the core problems. This was the biggest learning for me.”

“My original expectation for this design workshop was learning advanced design processes and design education methods. The most important thing I learned from Professor Choi is the quality that outstanding educators and designers should have – the ability to maintain curiosity, and to analyze things deeper. What’s more, we should have the courage to challenge ourselves. This is what I have never experienced from other design activities.”

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