The Modus Design helps designers to become future makers by educating and training them to see what others cannot and deliver what others even cannot imagine. The methods and processes taught at The Modus Design Institute are unique and highly applicable to any design discipline – industrial design, communication design, automotive design, and service design.

MODUS means “the way in which things are done” in Latin. The design is more than making things, screens, and systems. It is about how things are done and how improvements can be made. Thus making better design means finding better ways to live. That is why design matters.

The Modus Design has been established to bring tomorrow’s designs and designers today with the following services – Professional Design Education and Design Innovation Consultation.

The Modus Design offers workshops and seminars to designers, design firms, corporations, and colleges to advance and sharpen their professional capacity. Workshops range from one-day to a week or even longer. The location of the workshop is flexible – Greater Detroit area or any UC cities as well as overseas.

Workshops cover below topics and other topics tailor-made for the needs are possible. For more detailed information, please click EDUCATION in the menu.
– Core-Shift Design Innovation
– Inspiration-Driven Design Development
– Forced Creativity: Effective Design Ideation Process

Lectures and seminars cover below topics and other topics tailor-made for the needs are possible. For full lecture topics, please click EDUCATION in the menu.
– Design and Designers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
– Designers: Future Makers
– Core-Shift Innovation
– Inspiration-Driven Design Development
– Design & China


The Modus Design helps corporations to develop innovative designs in various stages in the design development process in the fields of product design, automotive design, design strategy. For past projects, please click CONSULTATION in the menu.