International Integrated Design Camp 2020

I was invited to developed and chair the third International Integrated Design Camp 2020, commissioned by KIDP in August 2020. Unfortunately, the camp was almost cancelled due to the pandemic due to the COVID 19. But instead, KIDP decided to host the event online. Eleven design professionals and professors were invited as tutors and 72 students from ten different time zones and 40 different colleges participated in the two-week-long camp online. Despite the challenge, including time differences, the camp was extremely successful and resulted in eleven intriguing concepts fighting the pandemic. The outcomes include a design solution for more resilient small business, sustainable and smart protection kits for travelers, hygiene around hands, safe subway experience, improved work-from-home experience, new-normal nursing home life, on-demand mobile clinic, reducing disposable mask wastage, safety at elementary schools, new face-to-face communication, and a space for collaboration.

Cover slide of my keynote

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