International Integrated Design Camp 2019

This was the second year of International Integrated Design Camp, commissioned by KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion). I was invited to plan, organize, and chair the camp (IIDC 2019) in Korea. The camp invited some 100 students and tutors from 13 countries and was held from June 24 through 29, 2019.

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The theme for this year was Towards Inclusivity: Sustainable and Smart Cities, which is to conceive creative solutions to make cities better place to live and work while addressing UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Students from design and engineering majors from a number of universities worked under the lead of professional designers in a short yet intensive workshop.

I delivered a keynote titled Design and Cities to show how cities were born and failed, and what we can learn from them to make them smart, sustainable, and inclusive. Student teams conducted deep-dive investigations into current situations in Seoul and Sungnam and worked days and nights to come up with brilliant concepts.

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I appreciate all professional designers who worked as tutors – Paul Hatch (Teams Design), Emmanuel Wolfs (Wolfs+Jung), Thomas Garvey (Carleton University), Alan Yip (Yip Design), Michele Aquila (Domus Academy), Hideichi Misono (JIDA/Toyota), Nick Ross (Teague Design), Ilgu Cha (Molekule), Taewook Cha (Sypermass Studio), Sangwoo Cho (Sigma Connectivity Group), Junghoon Lee (BMW Designworks), Nathan Matthews (Fourpeople Ltd.) Bora Shin (ArtCenter), and Hwasung Yoo (ByMars).

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 12.30.34 PM

I also thank all students participants for working so hard (many of them worked through the night before the presentation). I am sure that they brought lots of beautiful memories and connections back home.

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