There are lots of designs and designers. But we still need better designs and better designers. Some designers bring tomorrow’s designs today while most designers are merely keeping up with today’s designs.

This is why The Modus Design Institute was created. We help designers to become future makers by educating and training them to see what others cannot and deliver what others even cannot think about.

The methods and processes taught at The Modus Design Institute are very unique and highly applicable to any design disciplines – industrial design, communication design, automotive design, and service design.

The name MODUS refers to “the way in which things are done” in Latin. We design more than things, screens, or systems. It is about how things are done in order to improve the way we live and that is why we design.

Also, Modus was the name of a versatile mobility device that I designed and won a Grand Prize in Korea Industrial Design Award in 1983. The mobility device was to redesign the way we deliver cargos and move around seamlessly.

Now as I create a new service for design and design education, I wanted to reassure the purpose of design and the role of designers.

Sooshin Choi
The Modos Design